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I wish that more effort had gone into “dressing” the dressage arena here at the Pony Euros as it’s not screaming “Championship” in anyone’s photos – and when, for most of the competitors, the only thing they’ll be taking home is memories not medals, it’s a shame they won’t be able to get photos that make it look like the significant achievement that it really is just to qualify to get here and compete.  Last year in Hungary there was a big electronic scoreboard that displayed the names of the current rider & pony and a bank of flag poles with every represented country’s flag flying and the photos really looked great.   

This shot of Maja Emilie Leth (DEN) & Danish-bred Goldfever Hella Bella (DSP; Triple Trees Prince Perfect x Diamont II) shows one of the only lines where something that looks more “Championship” can be included.

PC5_2860-pPC5_2860-p I also wish that there were more British-bred ponies competing – but that’s improving year on year and it’s great that there are 2 pure-bred Welsh Section Ds as well as the 2 “hybrid” British Sports Ponies competing this year – and as well as a British-born pony in the jumping, there are also 2 by the British-bred WPCS Sec D Machno Carwyn who was himself a double Pony Euros Individual Gold medallist (for Switzerland).

This is Tara Hayes (IRL) & British-bred WPCS Sec D Thorneyside Kestrel (Thorneyside The Gladiator x Thorneyside Flyer).


Finally, I wish I had an electric scooter – so much fun “walking” the XC course with it’s assistance – and I can now say with confidence that the ground is firm and in places lumpy enough that the scooter felt like it had square wheels!  What is the saying?  If wishes were horses, beggars would ride :-D  I will certainly be begging or borrowing a scooter again if I can!

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Unexpected bonus… https://qorum-photos.com/blog/2018/8/unexpected-bonus One of my aims at all times is to promote British breeding and breeders – first and foremost are always those ponies who are passported or overstamped by the SPSS so are “British Sports Ponies” but then I also feel it’s important to include other British-bred ponies, especially when it’s our wonderful native breeds (as pure-bred natives must have their own breed passports so can’t have SPSS ones).  So it really was an unexpected bonus to discover that the smart dressage pony I’d assumed was German-bred is actually a pure-bred WPCS Section D, who was bred in Cambridgeshire! With his presence and power, I look forward to seeing him impress in the Team Test tomorrow at 12.24.  The other Briitish-bred ponies I've identified so far in the dressage, RFS Socrates and George Clooney B.S. compete on Thursday.  

Tara HAYES (IRL) & THORNEYSIDE KESTREL (WPCS D; Thorneyside The Gladiator x Thorneyside Flyer). British-bred by P. J. Gray & Sons


Then having waited all day for the “trot up”, it turned out that most appeared to be taking the American terminology of “jog” to heart and weren’t exactly showing off their ponies paces!  However, as the important thing is to pass and proceed to the actual competition, this approach  of did work as well as the more traditional charge away and be lucky to stop at the end tactic and all ponies forward were accepted :-D  Sadly though, one of the Swedish eventing “ponies” did not measure within the 151cm height limit allowed on the day and so can take no part in the competition – such a shame for the rider and for the rest of the team, who now have no discard score and so the pressure is on the remaining three riders.

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Slow early start... https://qorum-photos.com/blog/2018/8/slow-early-start Having got up early to ensure that I didn't miss the vet inspections aka "trot up" or "jog" (as they'd moved the measuring forward to start at 7am) and found a nice quick route in across the back roads, I arrived to discover that they had been moved later - much later!  Now down to start from 3pm, the day is passing slowly, just livened up by watching the 2 British-bred and SPSS registered dressage ponies doing the Arena Familiarisation - and both looking great despite being amoung the youngest ponies here.

Sophie Taylor and George Clooney BS

PC5_1039-pPC5_1039-pPony European Championships 2018 Leah Murphey and RFS Socrates

PC5_1096-pPC5_1096-p The British Dressage Team line up at the end of their Arena Familiarisation session

PC5_1056-pPC5_1056-pPony European Championships 2018

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Let the fun begin.... https://qorum-photos.com/blog/2018/8/let-the-fun-begin

One of the highlights of any sports pony enthusiasts year is the FEI Pony European Championships and they are always the first event entered into my diary as they are always a mad rush of photography, reporting, supporting and socialising and with ponies competing in eventing, jumping and dressage there’s always something going on!

This year they’re in the UK, which is fab as I haven’t had to worry about getting all my kit packed and within airline weight limits!  The car boot is rather full though…

So far, I’ve arrived at the hotel, gone and done a recce of the venue – and also investigated the gin menu at the hotel. 

IMG_2999The start of an exploration of the extensive gin menu - Yorkshire Gin "Tea Edition" - what else when in God's own county :-D

Tomorrow, it’s an early start – well relatively early – compared to going out for sunrise when I’m in landscape photographer mode I’m leaving the hotel over 3 hours later!  The early start being to get to the site for one of the tensest parts of the event – the measuring and vets inspection where they make sure that all the ponies are indeed ponies (well sort of ponies – they can measure 3cm over the standard pony height limit on the day!) and are fit to compete.  Sounds like it should be easy – but past events have seen half of the German dressage team asked to represent the following day – so all will be looking for smiles and nods from the judges and waiting for the magic word “Accepted” from the commentator.  Hopefully all will sail through – some will have travelled for days to get here and to have to return without competing is very hard.  So my fingers will be firmly crossed for all – an interesting challenge when also taking photos!

IMG_2998The event's filing system shows which is the most (and least) popular discipline this year!

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